TPM Fellows Program

We are pleased to announce that nominations for TPM Fellows are now open. TPM Fellows will be selected based on their TPM involvement to date and their deep understanding of what it takes to implement workforce solutions successfully on the ground based on the TPM framework and processes 

The benefits of becoming a TPM Fellow are numerous. Fellows help shape TPM’s future and assist in developing growth opportunities for the broader network. The Chamber Foundation proudly and publicly recognizes TPM Fellows on our TPM web page and encourages Fellows to publicize their leadership on their various professional profiles.  

Before you begin your application, please be sure to review all information provided on this page. Because there is no ability to save your work once you begin the application process, we strongly encourage you to prepare your documents and answers to the application questions in advance.

Please email with any questions. 

Interested in what it takes to be a TPM Fellow?

Fellows provide guidance as advisors on the continual expansion of the TPM initiative. This guidance includes feedback on how to maintain the quality of the TPM approach, create new support resources for existing and future network members, and identify innovative practices and audiences for which TPM can be applied. 

TPM Fellows meet virtually at least once a quarter and in-person in conjunction with TPM NLN Summits. Fellows self-select into areas of expertise (e.g., construction, rural communities, Strategy 2, CTE solutions, etc.) to share with existing and future TPM NLN members. They also serve as a mentor to at least two TPM NLN members and/or working groups and serve as spokespeople for the TPM movement, when requested.


  • Nomination period: July 15 – August 15 
  • Nominees receive applications from Chamber Foundation on August 15.


  • Application period: August 15 – September 18 
  • Review period: September 18 – October 25 

New Fellows announced on October 26 at the TPM NLN Virtual Summit .

Nominations can be put forward by any member of the TPM National Learning Network as well as by members of an employer collaboratives or community partners (e.g., education and training providers, state workforce agencies). Self-nominations will be accepted.

Nominees must demonstrate or meet the following requirements:

  • Completed the TPM Academy®
  • Established or supported at least one employer collaborative
  • Complete biannual NLN survey of TPM activity (will be confirmed by Chamber Foundation staff)

Nominations should include the nominator’s name, organization, and affiliation with the nominee. It should include justification for why the nominee should be considered for TPM Fellows status, particularly the leadership they have demonstrated specific to TPM implementation in their communities. *

*While we acknowledge that many of our TPM practitioners are very well-respected and recognized for their overall workforce-related efforts, the status of a TPM fellow is very specific to TPM implementation, and therefore the application and consideration of said applications is evaluated based on TPM activities and NLN involvement.

As previously stated, the Chamber Foundation must be able to verify the nominee has completed the following:

  • Completed the TPM Academy®
  • Established or supported at least one employer collaborative
  • Complete biannual NLN survey of TPM activity

Once the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation has confirmed these requirements have been met, the nominee will receive the application with the following questions to complete:

  1. What workforce challenges did your community face and what led you to TPM as a possible solution? 
  2. What is your TPM model? How far along are you in TPM implementation and what has this looked like for your community? Is this a model that you think other states/businesses could use and repeat in their community?
  3. How did you achieve community or stakeholder buy-in? What partnerships were key to making TPM work within your community? 
  4. What was the biggest challenge or barrier you faced during TPM implementation? How did you overcome this?
  5. What measurable data have you collected? Has TPM shown measurable results in your community? Provide specific data if possible.
  6. How have you defined and captured your success to date? How do you intend to measure this moving forward?

In order to maintain TPM Fellow status, fellows must: 

  • Demonstrate active engagement with at least one employer collaborative (which can include providing guidance to collaboratives outside of one’s own organization)
  • Participate in TPM NLN activities (e.g., at least two NLN quarterly webinars, attend at least one TPM NLN Summit)
  • Provide status updates to USCCF at least twice a year (e.g., complete TPM NLN survey)

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