The TPM Resource Guide for Connecting Opportunity Population Talent to Better Career Pathways is comprised of four parts: an introduction, an orientation for Opportunity Population-Serving Organizations (OPSOs) and employers, respectively, and a guide for implementation. Together, this guide provides employers and opportunity populations specific ways to leverage TPM to achieve better outcomes for all.


For Opportunity Population Serving Organizations

Opportunity Population Serving Organization Orientation to Employers

For the OPSO community, as an orientation to better understand the employer community and the professional roles therein.

Download the OPSO Orientation

For Opportunity Population Serving Organizations

For Employers

Employer Orientation to the CTE Community

For the employer community as an orientation to better understand opportunity population serving organizations, the professional roles therein, and the services they provide, as well as opportunity population talent, their strengths, and the barriers to employment they face.

Download the Employer Orientation

For Employers

For Implementation

Leveraging TPM to Achieve Better Outcomes for Opportunity Populations

This resource describes how to use TPM to improve employer engagement with opportunity population-serving organizations (OPSOs) and therefore achieve better outcomes for opportunity population talent.

Download the Implementation Guide

For Implementation
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