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TPM Co/Lab™ is an online learning platform that supports employers, employer associations, and education and training providers to earn an assessment-based certificate to demonstrate their knowledge of the proven Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) framework and methodologies, while building an international community of peer professionals to learn and grow with.  Those that wish to advance their standing can participate in continued education opportunities and apply for Verified Practitioner status through a peer-review process.

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What is Talent Pipeline
Management® (TPM)?

A demand-driven, employer-led approach to closing
the skills gap. Utilizing supply chain management
principles, employers play an expanded leadership
role as “end-customers” of education and workforce
partnerships. The TPM® framework is composed of
six strategies that, when implemented in a particular
sequence, make for a talent supply chain approach.
Each strategy is designed to build off one another and
support employers in developing a more data- and
performance-driven approach to improving education
and workforce partnerships.

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What is the
TPM Academy®?

A training for state and local chamber, business association, and economic development agency leaders, as well as employers, to learn to drive partnerships with their education and training providers based on industry need. The TPM Academy is supported by a customized curriculum that serves as an employer handbook and gives participants the knowledge, skills, and abilities to implement talent supply chain solutions on behalf of their employer collaborative members. In addition, the corresponding TPM web tool activates the six TPM strategies to streamline data collection and visualization for employer partners.

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